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Property Size(s) Location
Runaway Bay Estate
1/2 acre to 4 1/2 acres Runaway Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica
Status Condition Price(s)
Lot 42 Title Available
Lot 111 Subdivision Approved
Commercial Lots $300,000 - $5,000,000 USD
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Commercial lots in prime tourist area and situated along the North Coast Highway between Royal Decameron Club Caribbean and Jewel Resort in the Salem area of Runaway Bay, St.Ann, Jamaica. The lots are flat, easily accessible from the main road, and suited for resort and light retail development.
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Additional Details
  Lot 42: 1/2 acre $1,000,000 USD
Lot 111: 1/2 acre $300,000 USD
Lot 121A: 4 acres $3,000,000 USD
Lot 121B: 4 1/2 acres $5,000,000 USD

Please be advised that all acreage figures quoted are approximations.